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Standard Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise noted elsewhere in this proposal from CAV the following terms and conditions apply to this proposal. If these presumptions are not met, additional costs may apply.

Drawings: CAV will furnish appropriate drawings for coordination of other trades and services as required at an additional cost.

Labor Costs: All labor is priced as non-union, straight time, and during normal business hours. Costs for union and/or overtime will be considered outside of the scope of this offering.

Millwork: Fabrication or modification of all casework and millwork is the responsibility of others and not included herein. CAV will furnish drawings or specifications for dimensional, electrical and thermal requirements.

Cable Paths: Prior to the start of work by
CAV adequate cable pathways and/or conduit furnished by others must be complete. Conduit must meet NEC standards for bends/radius and fill.

Power: All permanent high voltage power (120vAC and higher) is the responsibility of others and not included herein. All receptacles must be properly grounded per NEC standards and applicable building codes, and all circuits must be of sufficient capacity to provide full turn on power to all components.

All high-voltage power purposed to feed to CAV-furnished equipment must be independent ground and same phase .Variance from this must be must be discussed and agreed by all parties prior to the start of work.

Plenum: Cable and equipment to be installed in air handling spaces is plenum rated as required by code. All other cable is priced as non-plenum.

Structured Wiring And Services: All voice and data communications cabling associated with this proposal is the responsibility of others. All work in this regard must be complete prior to the start of work by CAV. All voice and data services associated with this proposal, including those for audio or video conferencing, must be active and tested per specifications and the installation and testing schedule.

Restocking Fees: Any equipment ordered for the project and then returned at the discretion of the customer will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Software License: source code for all software developed within the scope of this offering remains the property of CAV. Licensing terms are available upon request.

Vibration, Ambient Noise & Acoustics: Excessive ambient noise and vibration may affect the performance of the system(s) in this proposal. CAV will be held harmless in this circumstance and resolution of these conditions is the responsibilities of others.

Owner/Customer furnished equipment (OFE/CFE): All equipment not furnished within the scope of this proposal must meet original specifications and functionality. Cost of all remedies will be considered outside the scope of this proposal and may be at additional cost.

Site Conditions: Prior to commencement of work by CAV the job site must meet OSHA requirements as a healthful workplace. Appropriate safety policies should be set, maintained, and enforced by all work forces.

Prior to the delivery of all equipment and electronics, all construction must be complete and spaces free of dust and dirt. If, at the discretion of the customer, equipment is brought to site before it is clean, functionality, longevity, and warranties may be compromised.

Trash disposal will responsibility of the client

Projection Screens: Wiring of all projection screens are to be by others; associated costs are not included in this offering.

Wall or Ceiling Finish Work: The customer will assume responsibility for repairing, patching and painting all walls or ceiling finishes that may be disturbed and incidental damage as the result of installation work associated with this proposal.

Seismic Certification & Compliance: The cost of any seismic studies or remedies required by local or state-building codes is not included in this proposal.

Permits: The cost of any building permits required by any municipalities will be passed on to the owner.

Credit Approval: CAV reserves the right to modify payment terms as stated or implied in this proposal, pursuant to results from our credit approval process.

Schedule: Project schedule changes and delays outside of the control of CAV will be accommodated whenever possible. Costs incurred by CAV because of delays outside of CAV control will be considered outside of scope and may be considered billable.

Completion and test: The project schedule must allow sufficient time for completion of all installation and final testing of systems prior to occupancy and use. CAV will be held harmless for schedule changes outside of its control, and additional costs, including overtime labor, will be considered outside the scope of this proposal.

Client Responsibilities:

Delivery and Acceptance: Prior to delivery of any equipment to site, one or more representatives for the customer will be designated as having the authority to sign for deliveries. A line-item packing list will be furnished with all deliveries.

In all cases the Customer accepts responsibility for the security and loss liability of all equipment located at the job site. Acceptance of delivery does not imply that systems have been accepted as functional. Unless other arrangements are made, a secure, lockable space will be furnished for storage of equipment and material.

Acceptance of System: CAV utilizes an “Installation Sign-off Form” to signify project completion. This document provides a mechanism for the owner to acknowledge completion or receipt of beneficial use of the system or to identify performance exceptions to the system. This allows CAV to remedy such exceptions on a timely basis, and identifies the beginning of the warranty period.

Employee Solicitation: Either alone or in association with others (i) solicit, or encourage any organization directly or indirectly controlled by the Client or it’s contractor’s to solicit any employee of CAV or any of its subsidiaries to leave the employ of CAV or any of its subsidiaries, (ii) solicit for employment, hire or engage as an independent contractor, any person who was employed by CAV or any of its subsidiaries at any time during the term of the employee’s employment with CAV or any of its subsidiaries.

Payment Terms: A written contract, purchase order, or other acceptable authorization to proceed must be received prior to the start of all work. CAV will submit an initial invoice covering engineering/design services and any initial procurement. The value of this mobilization charge will equal approximately 30% of the entire project value: the invoice is due ‘net 15’.Password on software will be installed and will be released to client after final payment is made.

Each month for the duration of the project, CAV will issue a progress billing invoice representing charges for all costs incurred to date, including labor and all goods “bought and stored”. Verification of goods received and stored at our facilities will be supplied upon request. Verification may be in the form of receiving records, serial numbers, photographs, personal inspection or other agreeable format.

Warranty: All equipment contained in this system comes with and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. All manufacturers’ warranties are honored and serviced by CAV. CAV warrants all system installation at an additional cost. System installation includes the workmanship and labor provided by CAV and all of its subcontractors covering the scope of work included in this proposal.

Unless otherwise covered under a manufacturers’ warranty, remedy of failure caused by the following is excluded from the Warranty: normal use and wear, hazardous environmental conditions, continual use in excess of manufacturers’ recommendations, and alteration of the system or any of its component parts.

Schedule: Typically completion time for a project of this type is 6-8 weeks after receipt of order, deposit, and approved scope of work.

Receipt of Purchase Order by Communications Audio Visual will act as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions